Sunday, 13 July 2014

Flap ‘em ankles!

The last two months have been an exciting one for me because I've been learning how to swim. I have always been terrified of water and I give anyone washing my hair including myself a hard time, so I woke up one morning and decided to learn how to swim after much deliberations and contemplations with myself.
My first swim session was about getting me to relax in water and walking in it. The weeks that followed saw me flapping my legs and swimming with floats without being held by the instructor. When I first got to this stage, I always thought I never moved from where I am but each time I looked back, I discovered had covered a great distance.
The last few weeks saw me covering this distance even faster and with the instructor standing by the edge of the pool edging me on and saying ‘Flap, ‘em ankles, Temi, faster! Faster!’ I ease into swimming and do it faster.
So you think your life is at a standstill? Look back and see where you have been, look forward and listen to God, He’s right with you saying ‘Flap ‘em ankles, and follow my lead’.

July 13, 2014


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  1. Awww!! I remember when you wanted to start, Now I want to learn. Na to find instructor remain oh!

    Its really soo easy to not see progress from the little little steps we take everyday, but when we look back we've flapped our ankles to being an amazing swimmer!

    Maybe you will be the one to teach me sef. Lol.
    Smiled through this! Thanks for the reminder :)

  2. Tommie, I will be happy to teach you. :D

    Yes, its easy not to see our progress and sometimes we see them and think we have not gone far as we ought to, sometimes, its good as it motivates us to do more, sometimes its bad cos we get discouraged and give up totally. Again, its about flapping 'em ankles and following God's lead.


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