Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The little I know...

I know, I know
I know something
The little I know
I will never forget...

That poem is often recited by the nursery school pupils beside my house in Lagos. Though very childish, it's words are weighty to me and I will tell you why.

For the last 14 months I've lived in relative peace, comfort and security and because of this, I've crossed things such as 'I hope there will be electricity this night' and 'I hope there won't be so much traffic on my way home tonight' off my Hope list. This combined with my analytical thinking mind and rise in global religious chaos has made me think that faith and trust in God may be relative to environment. This has also made me question religion and Christianity. In my questioning, I've realised that I know little. For instance I know that WITHOUT GOD, I AM NOTHING! NOT EVEN THE TINIEST SPECK OF SAW DUST!! I also know that THIS ALMIGHTY GOD HAS AN UNFAILING, IMMEASURABLE, UNDYING and IMMENSE LOVE FOR ME. Another thing I know is this HIS WORDS ALWAYS COME TO PASS AND HIS PLANS FOR ME ARE UNIMAGINABLE (1 Corinthians 2:9). This little I know, I will never forget.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Church Rant

Today, I thought I should write, or rather rant because its been a while and I really have things to say.

I've not gone to church in two weeks so I have decided to talk about it today but before I do, I think I should give a background to my ranting.

When I knew I was coming to the UK for my postgraduate studies, I was excited because I knew it would improve my job prospects on getting back home. I know however that I was more excited because I have God's firm backing. So I set out to make plans for everything I knew would make life comfortable for me including church. Oh yes! I planned to look for a church-a gospel preaching, Bible-believing church-and when I came, I found, in fact I found so many.

I'm tired of them all! Not because they don't preach the gospel but because I set a standard in my head and all the churches have been crossed out in some way. Now let me tell you about my standards which I feel is just okay (in my own opinion).

Number of church members - I don't really care

Type of message preached - No theological nonsense! I want to hear that I should live according to God's standards, I want to hear that if I sin, God will not be pleased but more importantly, if I ask for forgiveness, he will hear me, forgive me, cleanse me and forget about it. I want to hear that I should live in peace with those around me, I want to hear that God's love surpasses all and His peace is the best feeling ever. I want to hear that I should pray for my country and dwelling place. I want to hear that it will be well with me and that God will bless me IF I obey him. I DO NOT want to hear that I will MAGICALLY PROSPER! I don't want to hear that the politicians are rubbish-please encourage me to pray for them. Lastly, stop with the Bible Analytics, it is not Big Data! and I'm tired of it (not Big Data, I love that, just the Bible Analytics).

Now to the people - I want to be comfortable speaking to you (without biting my tongue off). I don't want you to invite me to your next party or your house as an afterthought of your guilt or the Pastor's teaching, trust me, I will always know! Don't even bother apologising for not inviting me, it does not work, just move on and let it go. By the way, don't ask to come to my house to appease your guilt, it even makes you more guilty. Also, when I talk to you, please, don't tell your husband, I'm talking to you because you are a lady just like me!
Lastly, please stop asking about my boyfriend or telling me to go and get married or even try to match-make me with some random friend of yours, I'm not sure if you care but I should let you know that such things put pressure on unmarried ladies and for the record, we want to get married but we don't want to make mistakes.

It might take a while to find that church, but I will keep looking and praying because praying is what I do after I rant.

I am Temilade and I am a church ranter!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014


It destroys
It shatters
It makes lightening flash
It makes thunders roar
It makes mountains skip
It makes forests bare
It causes praises
It makes me strong
It gives me peace
It is mighty yet marvellous

May 14, 2014



He stands beside me to protect me from fear
He stays with me to show mw the path to life
He is near me to make me glad

He sits beside me to make me joyful

April 25, 2014

Sunday, 13 July 2014


The last two months have been an exciting one for me because I've been learning how to swim. I have always been terrified of water and I give anyone washing my hair including myself a hard time, so I woke up one morning and decided to learn how to swim after much deliberations and contemplations with myself.
My first swim session was about getting me to relax in water and walking in it. The weeks that followed saw me flapping my legs and swimming with floats without being held by the instructor. When I first got to this stage, I always thought I never moved from where I am but each time I looked back, I discovered had covered a great distance.
The last few weeks saw me covering this distance even faster and with the instructor standing by the edge of the pool edging me on and saying ‘Flap, ‘em ankles, Temi, faster! Faster!’ I ease into swimming and do it faster.
So you think your life is at a standstill? Look back and see where you have been, look forward and listen to God, He’s right with you saying ‘Flap ‘em ankles, and follow my lead’.

July 13, 2014


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Sunday, 14 July 2013


Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein (1879-1955) 

I often get teased a lot about how horrible my handwriting is. When I was little, I used to get really worried about this and I worked hard to change it or improve it.
But I was doing the same I used to do, I just kept writing and writing but my writing wasn’t making my handwriting perfect. I was doing the same thing the same way and expecting an improved hand-writing.
Then one day, I discovered that two things affect my handwriting: my emotional state and the color of ink I used.
When I am nervous, sad or emotionally down, my handwriting is terrible. But when I’m elated, my writing is good. Also, when I use blue pen, my handwriting isn’t always the best, but a black pen is a good thing for my writing all the time.
Are you studying hard to pass that exam but still forgetting to ask god for His wisdom, understanding, direction and favour?
Are you trying to stop that alcohol addiction but still going out and mixing with the wrong crowd? Are you striving to grow spiritually but still slack in studying your Bible and building your relationship with God through prayer?
Stop trying the same thing over and over, try out a different method. Ask God to open your eyes of understanding for God is the God of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding regarding every matter.

July 14, 2013

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Murky Waters-Image Downloaded from: Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos

I am not too much of an observant person but sometimes, God opens my eyes to see somethings in order that I might understand some other things better.
For instance, I noticed that a canal was being dredged in one of the communities I pass through daily on my way to work. I also noticed that the water in the canal is murky-nothing extra about this I think.
Yesterday morning, was one of the mornings God opened my eyes to see. To see that even though the water was murky, I could still see the sun’s reflection in it. To understand that some situations might seem unclear now but seeing everything from God’s perspective and through the reflection of His word, they will soon pass away just like the murky waters flowing through that canal now.