Wednesday, 24 May 2017

You are in charge

Two days ago as I was driving home, I had to navigate from an inner street to the main road. As soon as the first section of the road was free, I drove across, and waited for the second section to be free. It was rush hour, therefore the road was busy. The driver behind me was very impatient, he started honking as he shouted, 'move now, move now'. He wasn't in my driver's seat, so he could not see that the road was not free and there were too many motorcycles, so I had to be extra careful. Less than two minutes later, the traffic lightened up, and I was able to drive across.
When the driver behind me was shouting, I could have been agitated and moved to cross the road, but it would have been disastrous as I might have hit a motorcycle or another car.
Life is like that, people who don't have any idea what your journey is like will come your way to give you (unsolicited and sometimes dangerous) ideas and advice, but you have to remember that you are on the driver's seat, you are in charge of your life (technically God is), you are responsible for the decisions you make regardless of whoever planted the ideas in your head. Don't let societal pressure or any form of pressure force you to make the wrong decisions. No one, will face the outcome with you. Be wise. This is not to say you shouldn't take advice when people offer it, just remember that you are responsible for your decisions and the consequences.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


She called me again today, she said she was sorry for everything and wanted us to be business partners again. 

But just yesterday I remembered, she did the same thing last month and the month before, every month was a different story. 

Before I clicked the phone off I said, "I just found out what your middle initials stands for". She said, "You mean 'D'"?, I said, "Yes, D for Deceit"

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Guest Post: Lean not on your own understanding

Guest Post: Lean not on your own understanding

On this rainy, cold and windy evening, I walked majestically to the bus stop and waited patiently for my bus. In fact let’s make that I waited CONFIDENTLY for my bus. I waited and waited. Different people came and met me there and they also left me there. I was hungry, tired and extremely cold. I saw some of the bus coordinators but I didn’t think of asking anyone why my bus was not forthcoming, remember I was waiting confidently. I waited for over an hour. Then one of the coordinators came over to ask me where I was going. I replied nonchalantly, I was shocked to realize that I was waiting at the wrong stop. He said I will wait forever at that stop. My heart was broken, then he advised that I break the journey, take a bus from that stop which will then take me to my right stop, I did that. Upon getting to my right stop, there was a bit of delay. The bus waited for about 10 minutes and I started doubting if I was on the right bus. I started looking at the reaction of those in the bus to know if they felt they were on the wrong bus as well. Eventually the bus moved and it was a smooth ride. The most amazing part of the story was that this particular bus stopped directly opposite my house as opposed to the one that drops me about 5 minutes away from my house. I learnt many lessons:
  • I went directly to the wrong bus stop because I was dropped there in the morning and I felt I should be able to pick up the bus back from there. Never assume. Do not be wise in your own eyes
  • I should have asked the coordinators, it is not advisable to ask fellow commuters. I learnt that you must turn to God for direction. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.
  • I learnt patience. I had to wait patiently for the bus at the right stop. But I learnt patience at the right place. WAITING PATIENTLY AT THE WRONG PLACE IS FOOLISHNESS.
  • It paid off because I was dropped directly in front of my house. When you trust God and you wait patiently for him, he will take you through the bends unbroken. He will be bring you to your destination with ease.

I wondered why this happened to me on that day, but the spirit of God after revealing all of these to me brought me back to my previous relationship. God made me realize that I went into the relationship without consulting him and I felt strongly and so confident in my decision. I felt that after all I met him in church. But God called me out and made me realize that I must go back to the right stop. The right stop here was me retracing my way back to God (my first love). At the right stop, I wanted things to happen fast but God taught me that patience is a virtue. Being patient at that time was difficult. My friends were getting married, having babies, going on honeymoon and having their dream proposals. But I learnt to wait. The right bus came and it moved and you know what? It took me home. No struggle, no hassles, I wasn’t drenched by the rain because it took me HOME.

The truth is I am still waiting. Still waiting for the perfect man (I have received the promise of one) but I am learning patiently to wait. It is sometimes difficult when you wonder if this promise will ever come true. While I’m waiting, I am growing in grace and in love. I believe that the right man will come, the right job will come and those beautiful thoughts that God has will come to pass. This applies to everyone: trust God, don’t rely on the arm of flesh and wait patiently for him. The vision is for an appointed time though it tarry wait for it for it will surely come (Habakkuk 2:3). God is not a man that he should lie or the son of man that he should repent (Numbers 23:19)

Ronke Ajayi-Smith
August, 2015

Photo credit: tumblr: a verse a day

Friday, 28 October 2016

Guest post: Go Thy Way

So I dropped from the bus with this guy and another lady and somehow we were all walking so fast to our different destinations. Suddenly I realized that we were going towards the same direction and the trio of us still walking fast. We had to go through the same stairs and I felt the urge to speed up and walk ahead of the both of them but something stopped me. The guy stopped on the fourth floor (we were coming from the third floor) so I was left with the lady. I was so convinced that she was going to the same floor as I was and I wanted to out-run her but something stopped me again. Then we continued our stairs journey, on getting to the fifth floor, the lady also stopped. Then I realized if I had decided to outrun them I would have stressed myself for no reason. I knew strongly that God wanted to pass a message across to me.


Most times we compete with people who are not even headed in our direction. Then we lose our peace over another man’s journey and eventually we lose sight of our final destination. We have all been called into different journeys and our destinations are different. How do you explain the scenario of a person aiming to become a Professor competing with a person who aims to have just Honours? The only destination that we have in common is making heaven and even the race there is a personal one. It is not a competition in which you increase your speed because you can see another person running faster. Yes there are times it seems other people are getting results, they seem to have things going for them and you feel the urge to do overwork yourself and beat them at all cost but they might simply be at end of their journey. The most important things is to key into God’s purpose for your life and trust that he will take you to the end unruffled. Don’t run another man’s race, stay in your lane. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord not by another man’s speed.


Ronke Ajayi-Smith
August, 2015

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Your life, your journey

Today I want to rant...
I know that we live in a communal society, as such we sometimes take responsibility for things and tend to fix them or provide solutions to them. Sometimes however, we tend to forget that we can't fix people's lives.
For instance, you call a 5 year old dumb because he is slow at learning, but you have no idea that the child is dyslexic (google it).
You tell an 18 year old who is struggling to get admission, that he/she is not serious with school, the truth is that you don't know that teenager has tried, prayed and worked hard at getting into school, then you come like an Almighty fixer, and you recommend that the teenager tries an alternative to University Education. What you don't know is that the child really wants to earn a University degree in a particular subject, something that may not be accessible in those alternatives.
You tell a 21 year old woman that she must not celebrate her 25th birthday in her parents house because you think that at age 25 every lady should have been married. What you don't know is that the 21 year old loves the idea of getting married, but for now, she is focused on other things like her NGO and her education, and she cannot come and toast man, and in the real sense, no one has ever asked her out, but behind the curtains, God is working something out.
You tell a teenage boy to become an Engineer, when he really wants to get a sports scholarship, be a pro basket-baller, be a philanthropist, and change people's lives through his pet projects.
You tell a 25 year old that she is getting too old to be in her parents house, she should go and get married, refer to the last sentence about 21 year old woman above.
You tell a teenager who has found God and is currently loving on Him that he is not trying hard enough because his hair cut is 'punk'. You are not the Holy Spirit, you are not in charge of his transformation.
You tell a 27 year old lady who wants to get a PhD that if she does, it makes her less eligible for marriage, well, I think that your spouse will show up when God wants him to and he will be wowed by your ambitions, and push you to achieve your dreams.
You tell a 30 year old man that he should quit being celibate or that he should get a better car so that ladies will take him more seriously. What does that even mean?
You tell a grandmother who wants to get married again that she should just face raising her grandchildren. Again, I ask you, are you the author of her life? And by the way, I have an elderly professor getting married in a few days, and yes, she has a granddaughter who she's mushy mushy over.
I can go on and on, I've seen too many examples, heard people's comments and even taken some of these grenade myself, but I've come to realize that everyone has a right to be in his/her journey without your input. Instead of trying to fix people's lives, why not try praying for them without even letting them know you are doing so. If you can't pray, you can offer your advise without trying to change the course of the person's journey.
At the end of the day, this life is about you and your God. When you stand before your creator, what would you have done with your life, YOUR LIFE, not Mr A's life or Miss B's life, YOUR OWN LIFE.
I want to hear your story, what are the the things people have told you, and looking back today, you realized it did not hold water? Kindly drop a comment.
Have a great day.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Guest post: Rest in the wrong place? I think not

This morning I pondered on why my last relationship failed. I couldn’t just understand why God could not just change him and make him the perfect man. I badly wanted this to be my last and final relationship; I gave more than I should have given just to ensure that this worked. I had too many questions but God spoke: "YOU WILL NEVER FIND REST IF YOU ARE IN THE WRONG PLACE".

This answer settled it for me. On the way to the promise land, the children of Israel could have decided to settle down in the wilderness because they were tired of moving and traveling endlessly but surely they would not have expected God to convert the wilderness into the promise land. The same happened to me. Because I was tired of being single, I just wanted God to make my wilderness become my promise land. Unless you get to the promise land, you can never find true bliss. This is generally our experience as humans. We get tired of waiting, we get tired of being patient then we settle for less and expect God to give us full joy and peace. 

I learnt how to trust God the hard way. He called me out of a defective relationship and even in my loneliness I can say boldly that I am having a feel of what the promise land will look like. He has good thoughts towards us to give us a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)

Ronke Ajayi-Smith
August, 2015



Monday, 1 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Today is the 1st of December and I love today for so many reasons. Firstly, it reminds me of FGGC Ipetumodu and the annual candle light procession morning that takes place on the day. We all wake up very early in the morning, assemble in front of one of the classroom buildings, light candles and go round the school singing Christmas carol songs (I can't remember now but I think we used to go to town). After the procession normal school activities resume then by 12noon we stop all school activities because it's World's AIDS day. 
This is another reason I love the day. The patrons of the club come from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) to give us talks about HIV/AIDS. But I think what excites me more about the day is that two weeks from then, the term ends because it's CHRISTMAS break! 
This year my term ended since September and it ended on a happy note and every day since then has been a happy one for me. I'm excited today because I look back at the year and it has been a fruitful one. I've made new and awesome friends, I've become wiser and more independent (this is serious), I've learnt to love and let go, I've learnt a lot about myself and others too. I'm more enlightened and I've had another feather added to my Education cap! So on this note I conclude by saying: HAPPY NEW MONTH everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS. May this month bring you Joy, Peace, Laughter and the remaining Blessings you wished, hoped and prayed for this year. May the blessings of Christ be yours this season and the rest of your years. I say this prayer not just for you but for all that is yours. 
As you read this,remember Christ is the reason for Christmas and make room in your heart for him. Also, I will like you to join me in praying for those living with HIV/AIDS (and where possible do something for them). Pray for places in the world where there is chaos, war and disaster, pray for our leaders that they may continually have wisdom and peace. Most importantly, do something today that will make another happy and don't forget to have yourself a MERRY CHRISTMAS because GOD LOVES YOU and YOU ARE SPECIAL ENOUGH TO DESERVE IT!

Christmas excites me!!!

Loughborough Christmas light switch on event (30/11/2014 taken by Me, yeah I'm not a very good photographer)

(My happy face at the event)

My name is Temilade and I am a huge Christmas Fan!